What You'll Learn

Welcome to "Define Your Idea," the first class of the Entrepreneur Certificate Course, which is designed to help you start a business or grow your startup. In this quick welcome video, you'll meet your instructor Ace Callwood, a founder, speaker, and educator, who will share what you'll learn.

Ace Callwood – Founder. Speaker. Educator.

Launching startups… raising venture capital… facilitating diversity and inclusion programs to skeptical audiences… teaching entrepreneurship at colleges and corporates.

Ace’s world is understanding audience – whether heart-of-America manufacturing employees, aspiring students, or Manhattanite bankers – and crafting narratives that resonate and shift their opinions on a decision, a purchase, or an investment.

Operating through his brand and communications firm, Equal Sons, he’s endlessly crossing worlds from communications to tech to entrepreneurship to corporate D&I. His week is a dizzying range hopping from boardroom, to classroom, to incubator lab, to the stage.

Whether MC’ing conferences, moderating events, or keynoting, Ace has shared his expertise in academic settings like MIT MediaLab, the University of Virginia, and TEDxVCU; at nationally recognized conferences like Insuretech Connect and Collision Conference, and with corporates like MetLife, PwC, and CarMax.

Ace writes on Medium, tweets at @acecallwood, and enjoys direct messaging in person on the rare occasion he's let out of his digital cage.

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